BMW Security Vehicles

So you roll up on a MVA and you notice some rich guy crashed his high-end BMW.  What you may run into is a BMW Security Vehicle that is a factory made armored car.  Now I know the chances are between slim and none.  However, you never know.  Just look at the 3 BMW models below and tell me if they look like armored cars?  Believe it or not, they are!


A spectacular way to go unnoticed.

Anonymity is a powerful security measure. BMW Security Vehicles are instantly striking and spectacularly elegant vehicles – but only because they look the same as the standard models. The security modifications are almost invisible.

From the armour plating and reinforced glass to the runflat tyres, all the security equipment has been designed to offer optimum protection while attracting minimum attention.

Just in case you think that these vehicles are only designed to stop a gang banger with a 9mm, think again.  The High Sercuirty model is design to protect the occupant from a AK47!

  • Security – The BMW 5 Series Security and BMW X5 Security offer class VR4 ballistic protection (against blunt instruments and handguns of up to .44 Magnum calibre, tested as per BRV 1999 guidelines), making them the ideal way to counter the threat of street crime.
  • Security Plus – The BMW X5 Security Plus offers class 6 ballistic protection (tested as per VPAM-APR 2006 and BRV 1999 guidelines), meaning it is also secure against the world’s most widespread firearm, the AK-47.
  • High Security – The BMW 7 Series High Security safeguards high-ranking politicians and corporate executives against terrorist attack with heavy-calibre ammunition and explosives. The vehicle as a whole meets the new class VR7 ballistic protection standard, and many areas in fact offer class VR9 protection.*


The image below is a door from a BMW High Security X5

Another feature in the BMW High Security X5 is the cargo area is seperated from the paasegnger compartment by bullet proof glass.

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