2011 Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid Deactivation and Hazards

The automakers have really stepped up their efforts to provide the fire rescue service with useful information on the new technologies. Volkswagen has published several very informative pdf files about the 2011 VW Touareg Hybrid SUV. Several important notes about the hybrid Touareg:

  • The high voltage system is disabled approximately 20 seconds after disconnecting the connector.
  • The passive safety systems, such as the airbag and the seat belt tensioner, will continue to be supplied with voltage by the 12V battery.
  • The high voltage system automatically deactivates if there is an accident and the airbag and/or seat belt tensioner deploy.
  • If the ignition and 12V battery are accessible the high voltage system is disabled 20 seconds after turning off the ignition. After that, the passive safety systems such as the airbags and the seat belt tensioner are deactivated.

A printed version of the rescue sheets and Emergency Response Guide (ERG) can be ordered free of charge from the VW literature website or you can just print the pdf files.


VW Touareg High Voltage Battery

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