Toyota FJ Cruiser Roof Airbag Gas Inflator

The current Toyota FJ Cruiser (2007-present) has some very large roof airbag gas inflator. Take a look at the images below and let me know what you think. The size of the roof airbag inflators makes me what to reach out to some friends at Toyota and get so information on the volume and PSI on the inflators. Stay tuned!

extrication safety Toyota FJ Cruiser gas inflator airbag

The screenshot below is from Moditech’s Crash Recovery System.  If you haven’t liked Moditech’s Facebook Page you are missing out on some great information that they post on there!  Make sure you like the Boron Extrication Facebook page too!

extrication safety Toyota FJCruiser gas inflator airbag

Toyota FJ Cruiser Roof Airbag Gas Inflator

Toyota FJ Cruiser Roof Airbag Gas Inflator

Extrication Body Structure

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  1. Sounds good. It’s true that it’s performance is excellent. I have Toyota FJ cruiser. I feel it’s Features, Space & Comfort is great. I didn’t find any problem still now.I also have Automotive Repair Tempe AZ manual. Toyota FJ cruiser is perfect for long drive as well as it is really awesome. Toyota company is being improved and we are getting new model Toyota day by day. All the models have a new grille shape and design, with a wider, gaping lower section that’s optimized for better cooling and to deliver a more aggressive first impression.

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