Explosion at GM Tech Center in Warren (lithium battery explosion)

Autoweek is reporting that the HAZMAT team was notified via radio that the explosion involved lithium batteries in what was believed to be the battery-research portion of the facility.

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20120411/CARNEWS/120419982#ixzz1rk4khhf4

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) – There has been an explosion at a lab facility on the campus of GM’s Technical Center in Warren.

At least one person has been injured and was taken to a nearby hospital.

All employees have been evacuated from building number 2-7, a lab at the Alternative Energy Center.

The Warren Fire Department reports that there was a lithium battery explosion at a lab on campus. Fire and emergency crews are on the scene.

GM released the following statement:

We are aware of an incident this morning in one of the laboratories at the Alternative Energy Center at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Mich. Fire and emergency authorities were called to the scene. The building was evacuated.  employees have been accounted for.  We are aware one employee was injured and taken to an area hospital, We will share more information as it is confirmed.

Read more: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/macomb_county/explosion-at-gm-tech-center-in-warren#ixzz1rk32MqP1

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