Junkyard Dog Industries and Packexe SMASH

One very cool thing about FDIC is you get to see so many different extrication products setup.  Most companies typically have a car in their booths.  Strut companies so to always have a vehicle on its’ side using their products to stabilize it.  That was the case in the Junkyard Dog Industries booth which they shared with the Packexe folks. I really like the SideWinder Jack and the feature that allows straps to be attached to it to add more stabilization.  I hope I can convince the Junkyard Dog folks to send me out a jack to demo!

One very cool thing I’ll never get used to is when someone looks at your name tag and then says “Boron Extrication, I know that site!” and that exactly what Packexe Ltd’s CEO Andrew Orchard said. After playing around with the Packexe SMASH and Andrew showing me a few tips and tricks with the glass management system he showed me a couple of new products in the pipeline at Packexe for the extrication world. I think the new products will fill a nitch area that is often overlooked.

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