Gear Test: HexArmor Extrication Gloves

The selection of extrication gloves has expanded over the few years with many new gloves and new companies getting into the mix.  Even extrication experts like Randy Schmitz have created new gloves (Schmitz Mittzs) trying to provide firefighters with a glove that fits, feels comfortable, provides dexterity, and most important protects our hands!  HexArmor was all the buzz this year at FDIC.  Every time I walked by their booth it was packed full of people trying on gloves and asking questions.  The reason I was drawn to the booth was the color of the gloves stands out from the crowd!  Shortly after FDIC I received an evolution pair of the HexArmor  Gator Grip GGT5 4021X and Chrome Series Cut 5 Impact Hi-Vis 4026.  I have put both pairs through the paces and I must say I’m a big fan of the gloves!

First off, protecting our hands is one of the most important things to on scene besides scene safety that protects us as a whole.  Almost every glove that HexArmor makes provides Cut level 5 protection.  So what does that mean?  For the fire service, it means our hands are protected!  For all the marketing and testing information on how Cut 5 gloves get their ratings check out Cut Resistance: What’s In a Level 5 Glove? and Making Sense of Cut Resistant Data.  If you dig to deeply, like with anything, you will find people who challenge how the tests are performed.  One constant thing I found was everyone recommends a glove with the highest gram score.  In the chart below,  you can see that the HexArmor gloves blow past the gram score for Cut 5!


The HexArmor gloves have impact protection on the top of the gloves that I have found to save some pain on the knuckles.  The impact protection appears bulky, but doesn’t interfere with movement of the fingers.

The fit of the glove is spot on in my book.  I really like a glove that you can make a complete fist and have the glove form around the fingers instead of fingers forming around the glove.  The Chrome Series felt like you were wearing a pair of utility gloves that you would wear for miscellaneous station duties, definitely not what you expect an extrication glove feel like.

So what do I have to compare these gloves to? My department currently issues Ringers, not the newest Ringers, but man do I hate it when you go to put the glove on a realize that the liner kind of came out with your fingers last time.  The HexArmor gloves are not like that, there’s no separate liner!  Just like Schmitz Mittzs, the HexArmor gloves feel like one solid glove!

Like any product, research it on your own and get feedback from other people.  No one company makes the perfect glove, our product for everyone.  I would recommend the HexArmor line of extrication to anyone.  The gloves have notched the bar higher in the battle of the extrication gloves!

Extrication Glove HexArmor


  • Made with SuperFabric® brand material
  • Highest cut-resistance, exceeds ISEA and CE level 5 in noted areas
  • Puncture protection from wickers, burrs, and cable wire
  • Mud Grip synthetic leather palm with PVC dots works well in light/medium oil based mud
  • Impact protection on back of hand and fingers reduces risk of contusion and crush
  • Enhanced impact protection with increased coverage, softer and more flexible TPR increases absorption of impact
  • TP-X™ palm and thumb area with abrasion–resistant PVC dots for maximum grip in muddy situations
  • Hi-visibility coloring for easier signaling and compliance
  • Launderable

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