Store Gas Inflators in the B-Pillar?

You all know I love Moditech’s Crash Recovery System (CRS) and I say their Facebook page is a must follow!  Here’s a great example of why.  The guys at Moditech posted the image below on their Facebook post and asked their readers this question; “Rescuers, what do you notice on the screenshot of this Ford F150?” So what did you notice?  Many people responded with the usually hazards that CRS clearly locates in the diagraphs.  However, Moditech wanted to highlight the location of the stored gas inflator in the B-Post.  So you instructors out there, if you have ever told your students that they have never encountered a stored gas inflator in a vehicles B-post. That may not always true as you can see on our screenshot. Also peel the trim away!

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Moditech Crash Recovery System Extrication Ford

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  1. Realistically it’s no different than the c post on a car. Where as here there are only two posts so in reality only a similarity in name not assosociation.

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