First Look: Discovery Tasker S Helmet Light / Headlamp

Discover Tasker S Helmet Light  HeadlampThe folks at FoxFury sent a Discovery Tasker S Helmet Light to review and put it through the paces.  I received the light and put it on my department issued helmet and plan to also use on my training helmet for different training classes throughout the spring and summer.  My first thoughts are this thing is bright and uses AA batteries and not the expensive 3V like my older helmet light.  The light was easy to put on the helmet and within a minute or so all the wires were tucked in light looks streamlined with very little to catch on anything.  Look for a full review toward the fall of 2013!

So who is FoxFury?  They manufactures Application-Specific products, with a focus in Professional Portable LED Lighting. FoxFury’s Philosophy is to provide the Latest Technology available, packaged in the Highest Quality Products that can be made for each intended use.

Make sure you stop by the FoxFury booth at FDIC and take a look at the new Command 20 Fire Tilt headlamp!

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