HAIX Boots, My thoughts and why I’m A Loyal Customer!

Boot companies are almost a dime a dozen now days. Yet that doesn’t solve the problem of finding a comfortable boot that you want to wear all the while it is protecting your feet. Price comes into the equation, especially if your department doesn’t provide station boots or only gives you a modest allowance. My department provides the structural firefighting boots that are part of my turnout gear but doesn’t cover station boots.

I have tried a dozen different boot makes and models and always find myself going back to HAIX. Haix Airpower X1 Boots RescueThe reason why? HAIX makes comfortable boots that last. First off, I have bought every pair of HAIX boots with my money. Secondly, I have had the chance to put several different styles through the paces. The boots that have impressed me the most were my pair of Haix Air Power X1 boots. I put them through a torture test during 4 day trench rescue training where it rained no stop all day, each day. The only thing that stayed dry was my feet! Everything cannot always be perfect. The zipper broke after 9 months, but with a 2 minute phone, HAIX had a replacement part in my hands within a few days! How many companies stand behind their products like that anymore? Not many.

Extrication Boot Haix RescueI bought a pair of HAIX Special Fighter Xtreme boots for use at extrication training. I went the cheap route and bought them as factory seconds directly from HAIX. Saved close to half price! The boots where used all over the country at a bunch of different trainings and just today I noticed I have worn through the sole. Need bad considering these boots were also used for training for stairs climbs.

Quick thoughts on my HAIX Special Fighter Xtreme boots:

Pros – Solid, built, like a tank!  Heavy duty zipper.  You can pull the zipper closed with just holding onto the zipper.  Loop on the for dunning is heavy duty.

Cons – The zip tie on the zipper broke once in a while, but it’s a cheap and easy fix.

Finally, Paul Hasenmeier from First Due Tackle has jumped on the HAIX band wagon. He was looking to replace his training boots and the HAIX Special Fighter Xtreme boots filled the need. Paul does trains vehicle and heavy rescue extrication all over the country and has been happy with his boots so far. Check out his full review on First Due Tackle. We both wore HAIX boots during the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at FDIC.

The bottom line is I love HAIX boots and I will continue to wear their products on and off duty. Yes, I wear HAIX Special Fighter Xtreme boots all the time off duty. So the next time you are looking for a boot, check out HAIX.

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