2016 Ford Transit Curtain Airbag

2016 Ford Transit Curtain Airbag

The 2016 Ford Transit 15-passenger wagon offers the automotive industry’s only five-row side-curtain airbag – the largest in any Ford vehicle. Just how big is this airbag? Nearly 16 feet long!  If that doesn’t have your attention, how about this curtain airbag has two stored gas inflators for each bag.  These stored gas inflators are almost 2 feet long each!  Peel and peek before you cut!
Ford-Transit-Airbag-extrication-Stored-Gas-Inflator-Length Ford-Transit-Airbag-extrication-Gas-Inflator Ford-Transit-Airbag-extrication Ford-Transit-Airbag-extrication-length


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