Cutting the Seat Belt Height Adjuster

Seat Belt Height Adjuster

The seat belt height adjuster is a common piece of equipment on passenger vehicles. The seat belt height adjuster can impede the cut of the upper b-pillar. One important consideration, the track assembly of the height adjuster can be cut with the b-pillar with one stipulation. Make sure the cutter blades are below the upper bolt attachment and above the D-ring that has the seat-belt running thru it. The reason to avoid cutting the attachment bolt or the D-ring is the bolt is are very high-strength fasteners. In addition to the bolt, a large weld-nut is typically found behind that the bolt.

What is the Seat Belt Height Adjuster?

A height adjuster assembly for motor vehicle belt restraint systems adapted to be mounted to a motor vehicle “B” pillar for affixing a D-ring belt anchorage. The height adjuster assembly can be moved to a plurality of vertical positions for optimally locating a seat belt and D-ring.  Looking for more new vehicle technology information for you extrication training? Our industry leading DVD, Vehicle Extrication from inside of the Auto Industry DVD covers new vehicle technology from bumper to bumper!  All PowerPoints used in the DVD are available to download.

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