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Vehicle into House Extrication

3rd Alarm Photography posted those pictures on their Facebook page from an extrication of a patient. The vehicle went thru a wall in the garage into the home. Here's the role Social Media can play in the Fire Service on a positive note.

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Crunch Time Extrication Learning Symposium

Like many things in life, people with experience and knowledge should pass it along to better the next generation and help them avoid our mistakes and learn from our errors. Captain Mike Hoffman of the Roscoe Harlem Fire Department hosts an annual training event called Crunch Time Extrication that does just that.

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2016 BMW i3 Rescue Guide

Unlike conventional electric vehicles, an electric motor is not simply integrated in the traditional vehicle architecture. With its LifeDrive concept, the BMW i3 architecture is designed to meet the needs of electro-mobility.

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