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2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid

The 2011 Audi Q5 Hybrid Quattro has an extremely light body structure with the rear hatch and engine hood made of aluminum. The rigid body shell incorporates hot-shaped steel in numerous places, combining low weight with extremely high strength. Despite an extensive array of standard equipment, the Q5 Hybrid Quattro with its curb weight of less than 2000 kg (4,409 lb) is the lightest hybrid SUV on the world market.

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2011 VW Jetta Body Structure

The all-new 2011 Jetta includes several features designed to enhance driver and passenger safety. The “Intelligent Crash Response System” (ICRS) turns off the fuel pump, activates the hazard lights and unlocks the doors in the case of an airbag deployment. Some make sure you try before you pry. Unfair, I know! Aside from all the fancy safety features, the body structure has Ultra High Strength Steel in the A & B Pillars and the roof rails.

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Free Rescues Cards For Your Phone, Thanks Opel!

One day after I posted about an app for iPhones and iPads called Extraction Zones I ran across a rescue website that can be used on any Smartphone connected to the internet. Another European automaker, Opel, stepped up to the plate and put an extremely useful rescue tool in the hands of many first responders for free! Opel put Rescue Cards that contain information for some 60 models from 1991 to present on a mobile portal that can be used on any Smartphone which has access to the Internet. This free mobile service is available in 10 European languages and enables rescue crews to access important information instantly.

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Hurst FDIC Display

Hurst….. Well every major extrication tool manufacturer had a great display of tools set up at FDIC. Hurst had a 2011 Ford Fiesta in a plexi-glass box where factory reps cut it to pieces in front of visitors at their booth. There was also a stack of Boron B-pillars that I would have loved to sneak out the back. There was also an outside demo area by Lucas Oil Stadium where conference attendees could put on some PPE and make some cuts on a car. Best part of the outside demo on Friday was Hurst had a bar set up next to the display!

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2011 SEAT León Body Structure

The body structure of the 2011 Seat León is unitised made from galvanised steel and uses 50% more high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels than in the previous León, 63% of the steels used are high-strength and 5% are ultra-high-strength. The sheet-metal components that make up the top section of the body (which are the roof, side panelling, pillars and side skirts) as well as the protective bars in the doors are mostly high-strength steels. The frame structure in the lower section of the new León is also composed of a high percentage of high-strength steels.

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2011 Mercedes Benz E-Class Wagon Body Structure

The Mercedes Benz E‑Class body structures utilize ultra-high-strength steel in critical areas to expertly manage both weight and impact forces. Wagons integrate an elaborate network of reinforcements to provide a generous crumple zone even with three rows of seating.

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GMC Acadia Battery Location??

Battery Location GMC Acadia

So you roll up on a MVA that involves a GMC Acadia and your officer assigns securing the 12 volt power-source. Is your gut reaction to go straight to hood? With this vehicle is better not be. Also forget looking in the rear storage area too. The battery is located in the floor pan behind the front passengerseat. There is one small screw to deal with on the battery cover underneath the 2nd row cross car floor mat, a T20 Trox (or star) screw. Since you are securing the power you may just be able to pry the plastic cover up. Check it out below.

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2011 Porsche Cayman Body Structure

Porsche Boron Extrication

The 2011 Porsche Cayman Body Structure is shown below, not that there are a ton of these on the road.  However, cutting up a car that cost more than the average house has got to be a rush!  The metals shown ...

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