2012 Cadillac ATS A-Pillar from the University of Extrication

First off, if you haven’t liked the Boron Extrication page on Facebook, please do that now to make sure stay up to date with all the extrication information that is shared by global extrication technicians. Second, since Ron Moore has created the University of Extrication Facebook page it should be a no brainier to like that page as well. ¬†Otherwise, you would miss out on a sneak peek from a University of Extrication article in Firehouse magazine below!

The University of Extrication article in the March issue of Firehouse Magazine looks at changes in the structural design of new vehicles.. I had a chance to photograph a brand new Cadillac body structure while in Michigan recently. Pictures of that vehicle were used in the article. What we need to make sure that rescue personnel are aware of is how the bottom of A-pillars and B-pillars are going to get "fatter." Look at this close-up view of the driver's side A-pillar, 2012 Cadillac ATS. If you were "rolling" or "jacking" this dash, because of this design, you will have to cut almost all four sides of the base of the pillar before it will move.

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