2013 Ford B-Max Body Structure (UK)

Here’s an interesting door removal or total sidewall removal.  It’s the 2013 Ford B-Max that will go on sale in the U.K. this September.  What is really strange is there is no B-Pillar!

2013 Ford B-Max Extrication

The doors, incorporating high-strength steel and boron structures form what is essentially a “movable” B-pillar as they are closed and latched to the body shell.  High-strength and ultra-high-strength steels are used to help trim the car’s weight and account for some 58% of the body and door structure. Boron steel is used in major load-bearing areas.

Ford B-MAX Body Structure UK Extrication

The front doors latch at the floor pan and header, while the sliding rear doors latch to the floor and the slider. Open them together and you’ve got a gargantuan opening a full 60 inches wide. Impressive, given the B-Max is a hair less than 165 inches long.

B-Maxx Door Latch B-pillar Extrication

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