Where’s the High-Voltage Service Disconnects on the 2012 Ford Focus???

If you noticed in the title’s question – Where’s the High-Voltage Service Disconnects – that disconnects is plural than you understand that the 2012 Ford Focus Electric has more than one!  The Electric Focus has an upper battery and lower battery service disconnect, so it also has two High Voltage Batteries.  Both are removed in the same fashion.  However, to gain access to the lower battery high-voltage service disconnect, the 2012 Ford Focus Electric Emergency Response Guide tells you to raise the rear of the vehicle using a suitable jack.  Scratching your head yet?  I am!  Not too sure how we are going to access the lower disconnect.  Make sure you review the ERG and the pictures at the bottom of this post that show both disconnects.  Stay safe out there!

2012 Ford Focus Electric HV Battery Disconnect Extrication Safety

2012 Ford Focus Electric HV Battery Disconnect Extrication Safety

1 High-Voltage Service Disconnects Upper disconnect is located behind the rear seatback. Lower disconnect is below the upper pack near the right
hand rear tire. Orange in color with a square body design. Uses a two stage release tab.
Provides means to disconnect high-voltage batteries for safely servicing vehicle.
2 High-Voltage Battery Located behind the rear seatback and under vehicle. Liquid cooled/heated lithium ion. Provides high-voltage storage for vehicle’s electric motor.
3 High-Voltage Wiring Runs along the vehicle’s floorpan from the high-voltage battery to the underhood compartment.

All high-voltage wiring has
orange-colored insulation.

Provides physical connection between high-voltage battery and vehicle’s high-voltage equipment.
4 12-Volt Battery Located under the hood on the driver side of the vehicle.

Typical automotive 6-cell lead/acid design.

Provides 12-volts for vehicle accessories.
5 Single Speed Automatic Transmission (Gearbox) Transverse-mounted design, similar to the non-Electric Focus vehicles.

Attached to the traction motor

Provides rotational force to the wheels for vehicle propulsion.
6 DC/DC Converter Located under the hood on the passenger side, next to the washer solvent reservoir.

Has orange high-voltage wires
and Motor Electronics Cooling
System hoses attached to it.

Provides 12 volts to charge the 12-volt battery and run vehicle accessories.
7 Electric Motor Liquid cooled 3-phase AC permanent magnet motor.

Attached to gearbox,centrally located in the engine compartment.

Turns energy from the high-voltage traction battery into movement that is applied to the transmission for vehicle propulsion.
8 Transmission Control Module
Module located on top of the electric motor.

Hall effect sensor type module.

The TCM controls the motor/
inverters to produce the
desired torque output to
the wheels.
9 Electric Air Conditioning Compressor Located in front of the motor.

Has an orange high-voltage wire attached to it using an interlock connector.

Replaces the belt driven air compressor.
10 PTC Heater (Cabin CoolantHeater) Located on the RH side of the motor near the DC/DC converter.

Has both low and high voltage electrical connections.

Used to raise the temperature of the coolant to normal operating temperature

High Voltage Service Disconnects

Upper HV Battery Disconnect

Upper HV Battery Disconnect

2012 Ford Focus Electric Lower HV Battery Disconnect Extrication Safety

Lower HV Battery Disconnect


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