Safety First, Especially when training!

Is safety at the scrap yard and at extrication training a priority?   Here is one reason to drill and drive home to peel away the trim and look for airbag inflators even on old cars in the scrap yard.  Yesterday a 2001 Volvo S40 was included in the vehicles at the local scrap yard for the man behind and me.  When I looked inside the driver door the was a small door in the trim at the top of the B-Pillar.  The door had a marking cooling out a roof airbag.  I pulled out Moditech’s Crash Recovery System and looked up the vehicle and sure enough there is a roof airbag with the inflator located in the middle of the C-Pillar.  It was easy to assume that that a 11 year old vehicle wouldn’t have inflators in the pillars, but that is a dangerous assumption.

Vovlo S40 Airbag Extrication Safety Inflator

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