Quick Tips: Weber Rescue Tips and Tricks

Below are two quick tips from our friends from Weber rescue Systems.

Plates can be used very flexibly. You can not only serve to increase the bearing surface for Rams – so the force is transmitted to the cylinder better and not simply by dancing – but also serve as an abutment. This abutment can be clamped (if not a suitable surface of the body present) with the spreader.  Always make sure your tool manufacturer approves your model spreader used in the way.

Tips and Tricks Extrication

If the spreader is properly seated in the doorway, you can save a lot of power. The aim is to always lead the spreader so that the arms move in the direction in which the material should move also.

This means for the door-opening, that the spreader must be set at an angle (Fig. 2) to move the arms in the opening direction of the door. After all, it is no sliding door, right (Figure 1)?

My quick tip is always remember how the spreaders open, with an arc.  The spreader arms travel in an arc.

Spreader tool extrication tips


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