Tips and Trick: Spreader Arm Angles

translate_facebook_pageIf you are not following our friends across the pond at the Weber Rescue facebook Page you are missing out on some great knowledge.  Take a look at the two tips and tricks below about spreader arm angles.  If the fact that their posts are in typically in German scare you off, it shouldn’t.  A simple click of a button, you can translate it into any lauguage.

Especially for the use of the spreader it is very important how the spreader is placed in the door window opening. The control handle works like a steering wheel and always the operater to control which direction the force is directed.  Substituting the spreader as shown in the right picture to arm pushes down on the door and causes only a deformation. If the spreader is placed in as in the left picture, the lower arm moves outward and thus exactly forcing the direction of the material.


If the spreader is properly seated in the doorway, you can save a lot of power. The aim is to always lead the spreader so the arms move in the direction in which the material should move. This means for the door-opening, the spreader must be set at an angle (Fig. 2) to move the arms in the opening direction of the door. After all, it is no sliding door, right?


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