So calls like this never happen?

weber-rescue-platform-extricationSo calls like this never happen? Take a look at the pictures and start playing it out in your mind. How many vehicles, how many occupants or pedestrians? Is anyone trapped under a vehicle? Any fluids/fuel leaking? Lastly, do you have enough struts and platform to work on? Now would be a call for the Weber Rescue Platform.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police said a medical emergency caused the driver of a Honda Accord to lose control of his car and hit a gas pump and Mazda Tuesday afternoon.

The crash happened at the Kwik Buy in the 3100 block of Randleman Road. Police said the driver of the Honda hit a red car before leaving the roadway and hitting a curb causing his car to go airborne. The drive then landed on top of the Mazda that was beside a gas pump.

Fortunately, the owner of the Mazda dodged serious harm. He was inside the convenient store paying for gas the moment the crash happened.

Police said the driver of the Honda was trapped inside his vehicle for about 20 minutes before firefighters rescued him. He was taken to the hospital for injuries but was stable and alert at the scene.

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