2018 Audi A5 Coupe Body Structure


Anyone who changes their own oil knows that automakers are covering the bottom-side (AKA the Dirty Side) with plastic panels to improve airflow which translates into better fuel economy.  These plastic panels can cover points that we common use to secure hooks, straps, and chains when we stabilize the vehicle(s).  Many of the panels are secured with quarter-turn/half-turn locking fasteners that are removed by hand.  If not, a Halligan bar can quickly pry the panels out of the way and expose solid under-body locations to use.


Body Structure

Below you can see the 2018 Audi Coupe has some strong Hot-stamped steel (Purple) and a bunch of aluminium.

2018-Audi-A5-Coupe-Body-Structure 2018-Audi-A5-Coupe-Body-Structure-extrication

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