2022 Acura MDX Body Structure

Body Structure

The 2022 MDX body structure is made with a significant concentration of higher-strength steels. The 1,500-megapascal “door rings,” are large single-piece structures encompassing the A- and B-pillars, hinge pillar, and front halves of the roof and frame rails.

Advanced High Strength Steel
To aid safety performance and long-term durability, the 2022 MDX uses three different grades of press-hardened and high-strength steel (HSS) in 60.9 percent of its body structure by weight, up from 54 percent in the outgoing MDX. This high-grade, high-tensile strength steel is applied to improve both dynamic and collision safety performance while mitigating weight. Altogether, 69.7 percent of the MDX body is composed of press-hardened steel, high-strength steel or aluminum — more than in any previous generation of MDX.

Body Material Composition Comparison (%)

Previous MDX

2022 MDX

Press-hardened steel



Advanced high-strength steel



High-strength steel



Mild steel






2022 MDX Body Materials

Press-hardened steel Front door ring openings, inner A-pillars and outer B-pillars
Advanced high-strength steel Lower dash, windshield header, inner B-pillars and floor sills, rear outer roof spars, rear floor spars
High-strength steel Front clip, front and center floors, roof panels, front and rear roof structural stiffeners, rear door openings (partial), doors
Mild steel Cowl, C- and D-pillars, outer A-pillar, rear fenders, rear roof crossmembers, rear panoramic moonroof frame, rear fender wells, rear suspension mounts, cargo area floor, ancillary supports
Aluminum Hood, front fenders, front and rear bumper beams, front shock tower mounts

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