Tesla Cybertruck Body Structure

Cybertruck Extrication

The Tesla Cybertruck was all over the SAE WCX this year at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Several different booths had the truck or at least parts of it. First let’s take a look at the body in white structure that was displayed at the Caresoft booth.​

Body Structure

The occupant compartment, pillars, rockers, rails, etc are made from steel. The castings are made out of aluminum.

Front Mega/Gigacasting

Passenger Compartment

Rear Mega/Gigacasting

Tesla’s Extraordinary Design Evolution – Caresoft Cybertruck Teardown

The video below is a great resource for a teardown of the Tesla Cybertruck. I have the video starting at the dash beams/dash substrates but make sure you watch the whole thing.

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