2024 Honda Prologue Electric Body Structure

Immobilize Vehicle

To prevent unattended/expected movement, the vehicle needs to be immobilized. The first step is to use wheel chocks.  Second, to turn the vehicle off, press the button on top of the shift lever to shift to P (Park) and press the POWER button.

Body Structure

The body of the Prologue is made of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel indicated in the colored areas. The passenger compartment is protected using high-strength steel in the pillars, rocker panels, door reinforcement beams, and floor structure.

Seat Belts and Airbags

The Prologue is equipped with eight airbags:

  • Driver (Steering Wheel)
  • Front Seat Passenger (Instrument Panel)
  • (2) Front Knee Bolster Airbags
  • (2) Front Seat Outboard Airbags
  • (2) Roof Rail Airbags

Emergency Response Guide

Vehicle Collision

In the event of a crash, the supplemental restraint system (SRS) unit makes a judgment based on input from the impact sensors. If the input values meet various threshold requirements, the SRS unit sends a signal to the high-voltage battery electronic control unit (ECU). The high-voltage battery ECU then turns off the high-voltage battery contactors, stopping the flow of electrical current from the high-voltage battery.

High-Voltage Shutdown Procedure – (PREFERRED)

Before attempting to rescue occupants or move a damaged Prologue, you should reduce the potential for current to flow from the electric motor or the high-voltage battery through the high-voltage cables. There are two recommended methods for preventing current flow.

High-Voltage Shutdown Procedure – (ALTERNATIVE)

Double cut the 12-volt cables on both sides of the cut point label and remove the cut section of the cable from the vehicle. Ensure that the cuts are clean and that there is no risk of loose wires touching.

Thermal Runaway Mitigation

Automatic safety systems are enabled when 12-volt power is available, including a battery thermal runaway mitigation system that internally cools the high-voltage battery when a thermal event is detected. This feature is available in a non-crashed, static situations.

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