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Roof Removal

The emergency Response Guides (ERG) that the auto makers are getting more detailed and starting to include extrication recommendations. The 2012 Toyota Prius ERG contains a recommended process to remove the roof when the side airbags are not deployed

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Prius Solar Panel Roof Option

So you think the power is completely shut down on that 2010 Toyota Prius with the Solar Panel Ventilation System?? Is the sun out? If yes, than the solar panel on the roof is generating electricity even if it is in subzero temperatures!

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2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid UHSS

I found some information about the use of UHSS in the 3rd generation of the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The 3rd generation Prius is a 2010 model year vehicle. The third generation 2010 Prius continues to showcase true innovation by reducing ...

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