Free UHSS Extrication Training DVD

I received a copy of an extrication DVD put together by State Farm. The DVD is only a couple years old but has boat loads of useful information. One of the contributors in this DVD is Ron Moore. Many of you know Ron from the University of Extrication in FireHouse magazine. He is also the Fire Training Manager of Plano (TX) Fire Rescue. The DVD covers extrication from A to Z. Hazards that we encounter on the scene of a vehicle extrication are covered clearly and separately. Topics like airbags, UHSS, exotic metals, seat belt pretensioners, OCS systems are broken down and covered. Click this link, Order a free DVD!, fill out your info, and State Farm will send you two DVDs for free! Get this DVD, watch it, then present it to your chief and get some bonus points!

For more information, check out State Farm’s Auto-Fire Response Training website. State Farm has really set the standards high for other insurance carriers to follow! Thanks State Farm!

For additional information on Ron Moore, check out the monthly series he writes at the University of Extrication. Ron has also written a great book called Vehicle Rescue and Extrication. Check them out!

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