The First 15 Minutes: Decision Making at Roadway Incidents (Webcast) is holding another great webcast training opportunity that goes along with extrication.  The First 15 Minutes: Decision Making at Roadway Incidents is a webcast presented by Jack Sullivan.  Jack is the director of training for the Emergency Responder Safety Institute. Make sure you sign up for the webcast at!  Just in case you don’t listen to it live, usually has an archive of the webcast available within 24 hours.


The decisions made by the initial responders in the first 15 minutes of a roadway incident are critical to the safe operations and the quick clearance of responders and emergency vehicles from the roadway. This webcast examines the first arriving emergency unit’s duties and the importance of a “windshield” size-up. Jack Sullivan will discuss methods for developing an incident action plan and estimating the time required to clear an incident while coordinating with other agencies.



Make sure you also check out Firefighter Netcast tonight at 9:00 EST for Taking It To The Streets.  There were some server issues last night at Blog Talk Radio so the netcast was postponed until tonight.

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