Reciprocating Saws vs Boron Steel

Take a look at a test my friend across the Pond did on cutting boron steel with a reciprocating saw (or Sawzall if you are a Milwaukee Electric Tool fan).  Basically, John from RTC Rescue over in the UK shows that a reciprocating saw is useless trying to cut thru the boron directly. Boron steel will remove and or round the teeth on reciprocating saw blades.  That fact is really nothing new.  Blade manufacturers are working on improving the cutting ability of the blades.   Check the video out, John tries to cut the B-Pillar from a 2009 Mercedes C-Class with different blades and models of saws with no luck.

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  1. Butch Lysholm -

    A diamond dust blade rated for ceramic or cast iron will cut boron. Or should I say burn it away. Sparks like crazy and the dust is bad news. SCBA should be mandatory.