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Hurst FDIC Display

Hurst….. Well every major extrication tool manufacturer had a great display of tools set up at FDIC. Hurst had a 2011 Ford Fiesta in a plexi-glass box where factory reps cut it to pieces in front of visitors at their booth. There was also a stack of Boron B-pillars that I would have loved to sneak out the back. There was also an outside demo area by Lucas Oil Stadium where conference attendees could put on some PPE and make some cuts on a car. Best part of the outside demo on Friday was Hurst had a bar set up next to the display!

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2011 Ford Fiesta Boron Body Cage

Over 50% of the new 2011 Ford Fiesta’s body structure is constructed out of lightweight, incredibly high-strength Boron steel.  The use of Boron Steel is borrowed from Volvo. However, the super steel compound was only used in select key areas, ...

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Hot Press Harderned Boron B-Pillars

How strong is manganese-boron steel?  The image below shows how hot the boron blank is hotted up to before it is stamped! By adding heat to the stamping process the B–Pillars can have the tensile strength increased by 500MPa.  Standard ...

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