Cutting up a 2022 Ford Bronco

2022 Ford Bronco

Sorry Bronco fans! We got to cut up two Broncos this year, a 4-door and a 2-door. At the 2022 Spring State Fire School at Bowling Green State University, we got to completely cut up a 2022 Ford Bronco. Not a baby Bronco, a Bronco! Several impressive parts of the vehicle included the B-Pillar and the roll cage.

Body Structure
The images below show the different types of steel used in the body structure. The information is from Ford Motor Company’s On Target newsletters which are published quarterly for the collision industry, highlighting hot topics, important vehicle repair procedures, vendor information, and more. On Target Link
The material in the A-pillar was strong but no match for the battery-powered extrication tools. Using a carbide blade, the A-pillar was also cut with a Sawzall/reciprocating saw.
The B-pillar on the Bronco was a tank. It was extremely heavy and well-reinforced. The cutters had little trouble cutting thru it. The B-Pillar is wide from top to bottom and smaller cutters would require at least two cuts. However, a Sawzall/reciprocating saw would be challenging.
Roll Cage (Roof Rails)
Sport Tubes/Cage is made from ultra-high-strength steel / Boron steel. The cutters cut thru it, but the portion behind the rear seats was easier than the roof rail portion of it. The Sawzall/reciprocating saw was challenging and took a couple of blades.

Dash Displacement



Front Dash Airbag

Front Seat Airbag
Roof Curtain Airbag





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