Using the Ram….

Weber Rescue Systems – Genesis Rescue Systems here in the United States – posted the picture below on their Facebook page and asked the question below.  Thanks to the powerful Internet, an English translation was just a click away!

Wir möchten eure Meinung hören!
Welche Rettungszylinder-Zusammenstellung erachtet ihr bei der PKW-Unfallrettung für die effektivste?

Weber Rescue Systems asked their fans which ram-combination they prefer for car-extrications.

Please post your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc…..

Weber Rescue Extrication Ram

Here’s another question for you, how many rams do you carry on the rescue/truck?

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  1. This kind of technique was used here in Brazil on the Weber Rescue Days too, in São Paulo. They used the ram on a simulation of a lateral crash on a pole. In this technique, they showed the use between the two “B” pillars of the car. This way you can get a great space to make other techniques as a roof displacement.

  2. Another use of the ram is the open of overturned vehicles. After remove the doors of a side, and doing a relief cut on the basis on the last pillar, you can position tow rams on the base of the “A” pillar and in the last pillar. Using simultaneously the rams you can get the space.