NFPA’s Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide

Emergency Field Guide, EFGThe NFPA just released a Emergency Field Guide for sale.  The price is modest at $45 for a print copy.  I like to see extrication field guides hitting the market.  There’s a pocket electric/ hybrid guide getting ready to be released soon. A lot of rescuers still like to have a printed copy in their hands to flip through.  Hopefully, I can get a copy yo review and provide a complete review.  In the mean time, here’s what the NFPA has to say about it.

Respond to electric and hybrid vehicle incidents involving damaged high voltage batteries, battery fires, submersion and charging stations with NFPA’s full-color Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide, 2012 Edition. It’s packed with color visuals and technical data reviewed by the auto manufacturers!

Learn about everything from vehicle immobilization to disabling high-voltage and SRS systems, conducting safe extrication cuts, and executing vehicle recovery and disposal. The hands-on EV Emergency Field Guide covers:

  • Disabling procedures and extrication hazards specific to individual makes and models — checked by manufacturers for technical accuracy
  • NFPA-developed procedural guidelines for fire response, extrication, submersion, spill hazards, and first aid
  • Original manufacturer diagrams and images
  • Leading-edge Lithium Ion vehicle safety information from third-party research such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Fire Protection Research Foundation
  • Post-incident recovery procedures
  • Warning signs of latent fire risks
  • Storage guidance

The Emergency Field Guide is updated as technology changes, so make sure you have the latest!

Compact, spiralbound, and organized for easy access to information, the Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide is essential for fire and rescue personnel, EMS technicians, law enforcement, and towing/recovery professionals. Stay safe and be prepared to respond — order today. (Spiralbound, Approx. 145 pp., 2012 Volume 1)

Purchase a pdf or print copy from our online catalog today! 

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