Hero Rush 343 Wave

Hero Rush 343 Wave

Last Saturday I went to Hero Rush in Marshall Michigan with Paul Hasenmeier from First Due Tackle. We ran in the 343 Wave, which to my surprise was not full.  So why is that important?

Many brothers across the country and even the world have climbed in a 9/11 stair climb. Money is raised and donated to help the families of the 343 fallen brothers from 9/11.  Shouldn’t everyone of their names be honored when an event hosts a 343 wave?  Yes you say.  Keep reading…

Hero Rush 343 Wave BibHere’s a little info on the The “343″ Wave

During registration, you’ll be able to select the “343″ wave, a special limited wave honoring the fallen firefighters of 9/11. Your $10 registration add-on will be matched by Hero Rush for the “343″ wave, with all proceeds going to the Foundation. You’ll also be able to give additional support during the registration process and in special fund raising programs we’ll be announcing as we expand.

Ok, so lets do a little simple math.

  • 343 X $10 = $3430
  • The folks at Hero Rush match the donation so $3430 X 2 = $6860
  • There are 8 Hero Rush events left this year.
  • So $6860 X 8 = $54,880

That’s $54,880 raised by the 343 wave alone.  Hero Rush also gives a portion of each normal entry to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.  So is there a reason that all 343 name of our fallen brothers not honored at each event?  Nope, right?  Head over to Hero Rush and sign up for the 343 Wave in a state near you!

Any questions?????  Brain Brush from the Fire Service Warrior answers them for you with a question.  In the video below, Brian explains to the crowd at Stop, Drop, Rock ‘n’ Roll why they should be a part of the 9-11 Memorial Stair Climbs, on the eve of the climb at FDIC.

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