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Heavy Rescue 101 Northern Ohio FOOLS 2014

Northern Ohio FOOLS Heavy Rescue 101

One of the best extrication training events in the country is held every year by the Northern Ohio FOOLS.  Heavy Rescue 101 is nearly a decade old and the FOOLS are able to keep this extrication training free.  Yes, FREE! ...

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Final Prize Winner Picked Today!

The final day of the Before the Snows Flies giveaway! Wow has it been cool giving out a bunch of prizes from companies started and ran by firefighters!

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Hero Rush 343 Wave

Shouldn't everyone of their names be honored when an event hosts a 343 wave?

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Tuesday Extrication TidBits: School Bus Extrication

Here's a quick school bus extrication tidbit from Paul Hasenmeier's Firefighters must be well schooled in bus extrication published in Fire Rescue Magazine in October 2008.

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