Final Prize Winner Picked Today!

The final day of the Before the Snows Flies giveaway!  Wow has it been cool giving out a bunch of prizes from companies started and ran by firefighters!  Here is a brief recap of the prizes!

A huge shoutout to these fine companies!  It’s important to show support of these companies so we can continue to have these contests down the road. There are only two of the products that we have given away that I haven’t bought with my own money.  I plan to buy a Fire Cam and a Pig Skin shortly, everything else, I personally own.

Last chance to Enter To Win a Fire Cam


A special thanks to Shane Parkins from the National Firefighters Endowment for their help and support.  Join the Officer’s Club and make a pledge to participate in NFE’s mission; to provide our nation’s firefighters with life saving equipment.


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