NFPA Emergency Field Guide-2015 Edition


I’m a big fan of free or inexpensive training.  The NFPA created an excellent Hybrid/EV/Extrication guide that is free to the fire service, well the United States fire service.  That’s the only part I’m not thrilled about the NFPA’s Emergency Field Guide.  It’s geared for the US fire service but could be useful for training in most countries.  So if you are located in the United States, use the link below to get your own PDF copy.  Careful if you plan to share your copy, the NFPA watermarks every page of the PDF with your name.


NFPA Emergency Field Guide 2015 Edition

Emergency Field Guide, 2015 EditionWith 15 million alternative fuel vehicles on American roadways today, responders to have an awareness level of training on things like damaged batteries, silent operation, high strength steel and fires involving alternative fueled vehicles. Be prepared to address potential hazards and know how to handle Electric, Hybrid, Fuel Cell, and Gaseous Fuel Trucks, Buses, Commercial Fleet and Passenger Vehicle challenges safely and effectively with NFPA’s Emergency Field Guide*, 2015 Edition.

NFPA, the fire and life safety leader, presents the 2015 edition of its Emergency Field Guide, your source for the latest facts on safe response to alternative fueled trucks, buses, commercial fleet and passenger vehicle incidents involving damaged high voltage batteries, battery fires, extrication challenges, submersion, and charging stations. This one-stop guide covers the vital aspects of electric, hybrid, fuel cell, and gaseous fuel hazard awareness and procedures — including information from related NFPA codes, OEMs and new consistent Moditech Rescue Solutions® vehicle diagrams.

Featuring gaseous fuel vehicle safety information including; bio-diesel, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and Propane (LPG); added to the 2015 Edition, direct from the auto manufacturers.

Procedures and full-color graphics are specific to each vehicle, with new vehicle renderings developed by Moditech Rescue Solutions, the world leader in extrication diagrams. Coverage includes:

  • Identification/Initial Response
  • Immobilization/Disabling
  • Spill Hazards
  • Submersion Safety
  • Fire/Re-ignition Safety Tactics
  • Crash/Extrication Diagrams & Manufacturer Information
  • High Voltage battery vehicle safety information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Fire Protection Research Foundation
  • Charging/Refueling Station Response
  • Vehicle immobilization. Disabling procedures for high-voltage and SRS systems.
  • Conducting safe extrication cuts with new Moditech Rescue Solutions diagrams. Executing vehicle recovery and disposal.



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