Moditech February 2011 Newsletter, The Inflatable Seatbelt Airbag

First off, if you do not receive the Moditech Newsletter than go straight to their website and sign up for it!   Archive newsletters as far back as 2006 as also available on their website.  Take advantage of the free very useful information that Moditech Rescue Solutions provides in the newsletter.  While you are at the Moditech Site, make sure you take a look at the Crash Recovery System (CRS) .  Below is an image of the new 2011 Ford Explorer that id from the Crash Recovery System.  If this is the first time you have seen an image like this, I’m sorry!  Many of the top extrication experts in the world have promoted how useful Crash Recovery System is.  Those name’s include Ron Moore, David Dalrymple, and Randy Schmitz.

Now…. go read the “Technology update February 2011 | THE INFLATABLE SEATBELT AIRBAG” newsletter and learn what other vehicles have seat belt airbags and airbelts.

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