Terc US Presents Top Gun of Vehicle Rescue


Leave it up to David Dalrymple from RoadwayRescue, LLC to post a training event that makes me want to jump in the car and drive out to New Jersey.  The training event is called Terc US Presents Top Gun of Vehicle Rescue.  Read the info below and visit the website for more information.  Sounds like a great laidback weekend of training. 

A weekend of vehicle rescue to recharge your system for 2011
Saturday April 16th – Assessor workshop – 09:00am to 4:30pm
Facilitated by Carl Avery -Judges Committee

Topics to include:  

  • Vehicle Technology update & what YOU as the assessor should be looking for
  • Judging Criteria review & commentary
  • Sample scenarios
  • Scenario set up and evaluation
  • Debrief methodology  

Sunday April 17th- Educator/Instructor Congress
09:00am to 4:00pm Facilitated by Dave Dalrymple-Education Chair & Al Sergio Sr.

Topics to include:What’s being taught & what’s not 

  • What are we missing as educators in this field?
  • Best practices or Standards? 1670 &1006
  • Where did common sense go or is it still there?
  • Vehicle Technology-hype or serious?  

Cost- $40 for Entire weekend or $25 for one day session payable to TERC-US
Please include your Name, address and judging/assessor level if attending the judging workshop.  


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