Mini Cooper E Plug In (Emergency Responder Guide)

The Mini E is not a production vehicle for sale to the public per say.  However, 450 Mini E vehicles are currently in a field trial in the United States.  There are two areas selected for the trial, Los Angeles and the New York and New Jersey Metro area.  The Mini E has about a 156 mile range on a full charge so must of the vehicles will likely stay around those two areas.  The Mini E trial is a lease purchase where the vehicles will be brought back BMW/Mini to gather valuable data from real world drivers.   Just because there are only a few of the Mini Es out on the road doesn’t mean First Responders should take a few minutes to look at the Mini E Emergency Responder Quick Reference Guide.  My hat goes off to BMW/Mini for taking the time to put together an ERG on a vehicle that is basically in the testing phase on the road!

BMW Mini Extrication No Cut Zones

The High Voltage Service Disconnect Switch which is for Emergency Power Down is located in the trunk on the driver’s side.

Make sure you also visit the sources of the images in this post.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is working very hard on providing free training for First Responders on the the Electric Vehicle Safety Training website.

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