University of Extrication Vehicle Rescue Update for 2011 (Webcast by Ron Moore)

If you missed Ron Moore’s University of Extrication Vehicle Rescue Update for 2011 on on 4/29/2011 you are in luck!  This free webcast training that was sponsored by Amkus Rescue Systems is available on until 4/28/2012. 

It’s a known fact that the field of vehicle rescue and extrication is rapidly changing. The constant introduction of new model vehicles, new vehicle technologies, even new rescue tools and techniques have become the new norm. What’s the latest update with airbags? What do you really need to know about the Volt and Leaf electric vehicles? Are you able to tackle the challenges of advanced steels in vehicles today? Join Ron Moore as he presents a unique and interactive University of Extrication on the newest and most critical items that responders have to be aware of today. Bring your questions and Ron will bring the answers.

Moore broke the webcast down into three topics: Airbags, Hybrids, an update on changes in the use of steels in vehicles.  This was a train the trainer webcast and was worth every second spent listening and watching the carefully selected slides.  


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