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Five for Friday (CRS Update, Free Stuff, Extrication Webcast)

Here is the new weekly column on BoronExtrication! It's called Five for Friday. Five for Friday will recap 5 different extrication news topics and sometimes sprinkle in items like the Fire Critic's 16 Days of Swag!

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Lifting and Moving Operations: An Inch Can Save a Life

Make sure you surf over to Firehouse.com and read a great article about Back-to-basics approach moving heavy objects in rescue scenarios written by Michael R. Donahue, a Firehouse.com Contributor. The article brakes down lifting and moving loads into several great examples that include; Fulcrum & Leaver, Hydraulic Tools, Pneumatic Struts, Pneumatic Air Bags, and Ropes.

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Responder Safety Visor Card for Emergency Vehicles

One of the FireEMSBlogs.com team that I was lucky enough to get to know a little was Tiger Schmittendorf. I noticed on Facebook tonight that a link was posted from the Emergency Responder Safety Institute that Tiger commented on about. Tiger created the Responder Safety Visor Card. The card shown below provides a vital reminder for setting up temporary traffic control at a glance. Print it out and put it in the map book or in the visor.

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