Five for Friday (CRS Update, Free Stuff, Extrication Webcast)

Here is the new weekly column on BoronExtrication!  It’s called Five for Friday.  Five for Friday will recap 5 different extrication news topics and sometimes sprinkle in items like the Fire Critic’s 16 Days of Swag!

1. presented a webcast by Michael Daley called Vehicle Extrication: Entry and Disentanglement Skills.  The great thing that Firehouse does is allow users to go back a watch the presentation again or for the first time if you missed it.

Lt Michael Daley Firehouse Extrication Webcast

2. Download the latest Moditech Crash Recovery System (CRS) data update released on August 1st. The update contains a lot of new vehicles, such as the Audi A6 Hybrid, Dodge Dart, Fiskers Karma, Infiniti JX, Porsche 911 and Subaru BRZ. With the addition of the new Prius PHV and the Toyota Prius C the Prius family is now also up to date again. Make sure to update your systems.


3. 16 Days of Swag by the Fire Critic.  The Fire Critic is giving away free fire gifts every other day for 16 days straight.  Throw your name in the hat once per day and gain more entries.

4. Jörg Heck will be hosting a chat on Tuesday August 14th from 18: 00-20: 00 UST (which is 14:00 -16:00 EST) and he will answer “Current vehicle technology” questions on Weber Rescue’s Facebook page.  Two small issues to work around for those of us in the United States is the language and the time.  However, the power of the Internet allows us to translate different languages with the click of the mouse!

Weber Rescue Extrication Jorg Heck Moditech

5. A USA Today article titled Cars safer for passengers – but not first responders made the rounds on the fire service websites yesterday.  If you have not read through it yet, I would take the time to give it a once over.   The author, Chris Woodyard, did some homework and put together a good piece.  Not a bad article to have floating around city hall!

Cars safer for passengers - but not first responders

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