2011 VW Jetta Body Structure

The all-new 2011 Jetta includes several features designed to enhance driver and passenger safety including electronic stability control to help prevent drivers from losing control of their cars and tire pressure monitoring.  The “Intelligent Crash Response System” (ICRS) is unique in its class.  ICRS turns off the fuel pump, activates the hazard lights and unlocks the doors in the case of an airbag deployment.  Aside from all the fancy safety features, the body structure has Ultra High Strength Steel in the A & B Pillars and the roof rails.  Speaking of fancy safety features, below are a few to consider when assessing our patients during an extrication:
  • Six airbags (driver and front passenger airbags; side airbags in front and side curtain airbags in front and rear)
  • Special sensor system designed to detect crash intensity and quickly deploy the airbags
  • Specially tuned accelerometers enable the airbag sensor system to obtain reliable characterizations of the impact and therefore provide greater passenger protection
  • Electronic system to identify low-frequency deceleration signals High-strength, form-hardened and light-weight steel to absorb the brunt of an impact

The 2011 VW Jetta also uses a Keyless access with a Push-button Start.  What is important to know is the locking and engine starting system does not require a door or ignition lock cylinder. System detects authorization from a transponder on the driver’s body.  As son as one of the front door handles is touched,  the  doors are unlocked, the engine immobilizer and optional anti-theft warning system are then deactivated.  The engine is then started by pressing the engine Start/Stop button on the center console.  Soif the Jetta is still running when you get on scene, remember to use the start/stop button.

2011 Jetta Body Structure Extrication Airbags
2011 Jetta Body Structure Extrication

2011 Jetta Body Structure Extrication

Source of the images is from the VW Media Site.

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