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2024 Lexus GX Body Structure

The 2024 Lexus GX body-on-frame SUV will be the third-generation Lexus GX and will roll out to global markets toward the end of this year.  It has a beefy body structure, take a look at the images below.  

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2023 Hummer Body Structure (SUV)

2023 Hummer General Motors had the Body-in-White (BIW) of the 2023 Hummer SUV and truck displayed at the Great Designs in Steel (GDIS). The rocker panel in this vehicle is huge! It has to be with a double-stack battery pack. ...

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Bumper to Bumper Extrication Book

The reviews on our Bumper to Bumper Extrication Book are fantastic and I'm humbled by that. I wanted to put out a simple, easy-to-read, and packed full of images. I will post a PowerPoint that follows the book and will be free and available to anyone. It will be posted before March 1st, 2023. Feel free to use it anywhere that is helping firefighters!

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