Pipe bombs found after LA. man wrecks pickup truck

 So the title reads “Pipe bombs found after LA. man wrecks pickup truck”.  If this caught your attention read further into the story.  Here are a few facts that we should all consider:

  • When a pickup truck crashed in southeastern Louisiana, authorities made a surprising discovery: 10 pipe bombs.
  • As emergency crews were trying to right the truck, they noticed the devices.
  • Nine of the bombs were made with plastic pipe and one was made with galvanized metal pipe.

So this guy had 10 pipe bombs in his truck.  The pipes were discovered by “emergency crews” who were trying to right the truck.  I think scene size up and safety can be taken to a whole new level.  I would be interested to find out if the pipe bombs were in a bag or container that was thrown from the truck when it rolled over.  How many times have you helped the wrecker driver pick up personal property that was scattered when a vehicle rolled?  I’m sure this is an isolated case, but it can happen anywhere so stay safe out there and be prepared for the unexpected!

Source: Associated Press

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