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Directing Traffic on a MVA Scene!

Here is a little animated story from the Freeway Patrol, Episode 6, The One with the Purple Unicorn. We all have had a "Dr Grandal" on a MVA scene! A driver who thinks they should be allowed to go whatever direction they want!

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Pipe bombs found after LA. man wrecks pickup truck

So the title reads "Pipe bombs found after LA. man wrecks pickup truck". If this caught your attention read further into the story. Here are a few facts that we should all consider:

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Responder Safety Visor Card for Emergency Vehicles

One of the FireEMSBlogs.com team that I was lucky enough to get to know a little was Tiger Schmittendorf. I noticed on Facebook tonight that a link was posted from the Emergency Responder Safety Institute that Tiger commented on about. Tiger created the Responder Safety Visor Card. The card shown below provides a vital reminder for setting up temporary traffic control at a glance. Print it out and put it in the map book or in the visor.

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