New Extraction Zones Pro Version App

I received an email I’ve been waiting for since posting Extraction Zones, an Extrication app for your phone!  The app called  “Extraction Zones” that was only available on Apple products in April is now updated  and consists of a new Pro version app which has an 300% increase in the number of vehicles.   The best part for me and all other Android users?  It is also now on the Android market, and Android Tablets.  I just bought the Extraction Zones Pro App at a very small cost of $4.99 for my Android.  So regardless of what type of smart-phone you have, go download a very useful extrication app that is made by a firefighter for firefighters!



Offical Press Release from Extraction Zones, LLC

Extraction Zones LLC. has released a second more complete version of the successful original version.  The new version is called Extraction Zones Pro which features an additional 150 vehicle makes and models.  This addition has increased the original Extraction Zones databank of vehicles by over 300 percent.  Extraction Zones Pro builds upon the success of the original version with the addition of entire production lines from many popular manufacturers to enable firefighters, EMT’s, and other first responders to know exactly how to perform vehicle extrication with maximum safety and efficiency.  Having this database of knowledge in their hands while performing vehicles extrication procedures is crucial to their safety and the safety of the victims they are rescuing.  

The vehicle schematics allow the user to immediately see all dangerous areas of concern that they are attempting to avoid.  The application also features accompanying notes, specific to the model, providing additional helpful information such as the amount of time the high voltage lines or the SRS system will continue to carry a power current after being disengaged.  

Reviews of Version 1 indicate this is an invaluable tool providing immediate information without losing vital seconds at a vehicle accident scene. 

Available as a download to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (requires iOS 3.0 or later) or any Android powered smartphones or tablets. 






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