Detroit bound from a great West Coast Extrication Trip!

Well the West Coast Extrication trip is over, all that is left to get on the plane and head home back to Detroit.   The bad part is it was almost 80 degrees today in Redwood and it snowed in Detroit last night.  The plan is to break down the trip into a 3 part post. Brock Archer from hooked me with a great exposure to West Coast Extrication.  Which is not different from everyone else except they get to train in warm weather in February!

The first will be the classroom portion that Ron Moore from Firehouse Magazine presented.  The second will be the school bus extrication with the scrap yard workers showing how fast they can rip apart a bus.  The final part will be a rundown of the extrication techniques and evolutions covered over the two days of hands on training.

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