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Rollover collision in Detroit (Heavy Rescue)

Rollover collision in Detroit Heavy Rescue

Many times we are dispatched to a motor vehicle accident and start painting that mental picture in our mind about what the scene will look like. What will need to get done. What equipment do we need. Yesterday the Detroit ...

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Week 2: Before the Snow Flies Giveaway

So week one of the Before the Snow Flies Giveaway has come and gone. However, the good news is that moves the giveaway to Week 2.

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Detroit Fight for Air Climb

A little bit off the subject of extrication but I joined many fire departments around the Detroit area to climb 70 stories for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air.  In the Detroit, the Renaissance Center is the world headquarters ...

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Allen Park to lay off entire Fire Department

You just cannot make this stuff up! Allen Park to lay off entire Fire Department. That's right the entire department except for the Chief. Just in case you are wondering, Allen Park is small city just outside of Detorit with a size of 7 square miles. The best part of the whole story, is city officals do not have a backup plan to provide fire service!

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Detroit Fire Tees, Chritsmas in the D!

If you are looking for a great last minute Christmas gift from the home of the Automobile (also Kid Rock and  Eminem) than look no further than Detroit Fire Tees!!  Detroit Fire Tees  is owned and operated by a Detroit Firefighter and his ...

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