Detroit Fight for Air Climb

A little bit off the subject of extrication but I joined many fire departments around the Detroit area to climb 70 stories for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air.  In the Detroit, the Renaissance Center is the world headquarters for General Motors and is the tallest building in Michigan.  The central tower, which we climbed, is the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center and is the tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere.

The Fire Critic and Iron Fireman have posted about memorial stairs climbs and how much fun they are.  While this was not a memorial climb, it was still for a great cause.  First off, I really under estimated how steep the stairs were and how out of shape I am.  Quickly into the climb the time went out the window and finishing was my goal.  My department’s 5 man team quickly lost 2 firefighter from the fast climbing pace of the other 3.  Myself one of the slow 2! However, we ended up climbing with two firefighters from Brighton, Michigan and the photographer behind Doubledeuce Fireimages.  Doubledeuce Fireimages shoots many fire ground scenes in Dearborn and Detroit.  After a little more time than most, I made it to the 70th floor!  Check out the view below!

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